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People are strange

But the Japanese are the strangest!

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As we’ve travelled around New Zealand we’ve come across many nationalities; Germans, Brits, French, Argentinian, Aussies and a large number of Japanese. It’s the latter that have caught our attention though as they do the strangest things and increasingly, when we observe some odd things, the explanation is normally “they’re Japanese”. A few examples…”Why, when I’m wearing shorts and T-shirt and it’s 30 degrees Celsius is that person wearing long trousers, a fleece, a jacket, a hat, gloves and a face mask?” The answer: “they’re Japanese”. Other examples… “Why is that girl taking a photo of her food with herself in the back-ground doing a V sign?”, “Why is that man taking photos of a car park when the view is behind him?” , “Why has that person just walked straight in front of me as I’m taking a photo of Helen?”, “Why is that person taking 58 photos of the same thing?”, “Why, when those people are on holiday and posing for a group photo, are they not smiling?”, “Why has the person driving that car just braked as I’ve overtaken them?”. The answers to all these questions (and many others) are “they’re Japanese”. I’ll post other examples as they happen.

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No real stars

unless you count those on the walk of fame

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It's been a long day following the Starline Tours Red Route around Hollywood & Beverley Hills. We've seen a load of sites that somehow seem familiar due to their appearances on TV but now we've seen them...Rodeo Drive, Sunset Boulevard, the Beverley Wilshire, the list goes on. Our favourite today is easily the Farmer's Market; a great atmosphere and a fantastic selection of foods. All good. The highlight of the day though has to be Helen being refused alcohol because, at 36, she looks too young. I told the waitress I was insulted because I'm younger and she didn't even ask me. That's the story of my life.

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