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Our last blog... 09.04.2011
US favourites, incl. Hawaii 06.04.2011
Our Baywatch impression in Santa Monica 06.04.2011
Monterey to Santa Barbara 04.04.2011
Pebble Beach is where I need to retire to 02.04.2011
We didn’t quite leave our hearts in San Francisco 30.03.2011
Dear America, there's an H in the word "Herb" 27.03.2011
We feel better about Yosemite now 22.03.2011
Yo, ho, ho, Yosemite! 21.03.2011
‘Til Death (Valley) do us part 19.03.2011
Viva, Las Vegas! 19.03.2011
Two months in 16.03.2011
Iron Lion Zion 16.03.2011
Two parks, one day and a small screw 12.03.2011
Scenic Byway 12 11.03.2011
A nice reef that’s nowhere near an ocean 11.03.2011
Now we know how The Arches National Park got it’s name! 09.03.2011
There are many monuments in that valley! 09.03.2011
That canyon is truly grand 06.03.2011
Will you Maui me? 06.03.2011
This is the road to Hana 02.03.2011
North Island Favourites 02.03.2011
North Island Stats 02.03.2011
We’ll be having 2 Fridays & 2 Saturdays! 26.02.2011
Last stop: City of the Sails 26.02.2011
144 Islands in one location 25.02.2011
Christchurch, our thoughts are with you 22.02.2011
I can see 7 houses from here 20.02.2011
Fush, Chups and Sav 20.02.2011
Volcanoes and Maori make for an interesting mix 16.02.2011
To Lake Taupo and beyond 16.02.2011
If you want Art Deco 14.02.2011
Lucky old Duke of Wellington 13.02.2011
We’re true Backpackers (Nikki – don’t panic, read on) 13.02.2011
These are a few of our favourite things 12.02.2011
South Island stats 11.02.2011
Picton: Last Stop on the South Island 11.02.2011
Nelson: The centre of New Zealand 11.02.2011
Why does it always rain on me? 10.02.2011
Pheeew, what a scorcher! 09.02.2011
Thanks for reading 07.02.2011
There she blows! 07.02.2011
Christchurch or Cambridge? 07.02.2011
People are strange 05.02.2011
Finally, our luck runs out 05.02.2011
Mount Cook in the sunshine 03.02.2011
We’ve never done that in a car before 03.02.2011
Fiordland….wow! 03.02.2011
The theme was broken 29.01.2011
The Rumble in Queenstown 28.01.2011
The Journey to Queenstown 28.01.2011
Pass me the pickaxe 28.01.2011
The New Zealand road trip begins! 28.01.2011
Is this the Greymouth choo-choo? 28.01.2011
Cyclone Wilma - we thank you 25.01.2011
It’s hard to be believe 10 years have passed 25.01.2011
It’s supposed to be hot in Samoa 25.01.2011
Hollywood Done. Next stop Samoa 18.01.2011
Universal Studios 17.01.2011
No real stars 16.01.2011
First stop Hollywood 16.01.2011
Next stop - LA.... 15.01.2011
I'm loving Star Alliance Gold Card status 15.01.2011
One more sleeps 14.01.2011
Only 8 working days left 04.01.2011
Only a couple of weeks until we leave 26.12.2010